SSII - MTB2019

Samurai Shodown II tournament starting .
Part of March to Battle 2019

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Samurai Shodown II
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This tournament has 7 pre-registered players.

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Pre-registration ended .

Preferred Name Site Name Real Name Region In ? Pre-Regged At
Fstrike Fstrike Winnipeg
OohMatty OohMatty Winnipeg
srf3po srf3po Mordor
GREGSPORTS | Povard Povard Winnipeg
Schneider-X Schneider-X Jason Lam Manitoba
KangDo KangDo Tyler Sanderson Manitoba
Tsukahara Tsukahara Winnipeg

This tournament has 7 entrants.

Place Name Region Seed Sets Games Out? Location
5th OohMatty Winnipeg 2 1-2 2-4
Bracket losers top 6 B
3rd Fstrike Winnipeg 2 2-2 6-6
Bracket losers final
2nd Tsukahara Winnipeg 1 4-2 (1 bye) 8-6
Bracket grand final 1st match
1st srf3po Mordor 1 4-0 10-2
Bracket grand final 1st match
5th Schneider-X Manitoba 2 1-2 (1 bye) 0-4
Bracket losers top 6 A
7th GREGSPORTS | Povard Winnipeg 2 0-2 0-4
Bracket losers top 8 B
4th KangDo Manitoba 1 2-2 4-4
Bracket losers semi
1st Place:
2nd Place:
3rd Place:

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