T7 - Winterfest 2019

Tekken 7 tournament starting .
Part of Winterfest 2019

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Early bird registration has ended but don't forget that you can always register on-site at the tournament! Please come to the admin desk to register!

Tekken 7
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We are proud to partner with Winnipeg’s own fighting game community: Chip Damage for Winterfest! These awesome players will be running their own mini side tournaments in the gamers’ lounge. So if Ai-kon’s tournaments aren’t enough, or if you’ve always wanted to try out that new game, then head over to Chip Damage’s area to sign up for their events!

This tournament has 11 pre-registered players.

Players who pre-register will be entered into the tournament when they pay their event registration fee.

Pre-registration ended .

Preferred Name Site Name Real Name Region In ? Pre-Regged At
Schneider-X Schneider-X Jason Lam Manitoba
berreyfootsies | 🦀 Krooze Winnipeg
srf3po srf3po
Mango Maango
WhiskyDanger WhiskyDanger NA
Povard Povard
Destroyer_Ry Destroyer_Ry Winnipeg
PageOne PageOne Simon MB
Beetlehorn Beetlehorn WPG
Knight Swolaire Knightswolaire Rico

This tournament has 12 entrants.

Place Name Region Seed Sets Games Out? Location
9th WhiskyDanger NA 6 1-2 2-5
Bracket losers top 12 A
5th Knight Swolaire 1 2-2 (1 bye) 3-4
Bracket losers top 6 A
7th Marvin De Leon 1 2-2 (1 bye) 4-4
Bracket losers top 8 A
2nd Mango 10 4-2 11-9
Bracket grand final 1st match
5th PageOne MB 1 2-2 (1 bye) 3-4
Bracket losers top 6 B
9th Jodeci Correa Winnipeg 11 1-2 (1 bye) 2-4
Bracket losers top 12 D
1st CHZZY_BREAD 1 5-0 (1 bye) 10-2
Bracket grand final 1st match
9th Destroyer_Ry Winnipeg 11 1-2 2-4
Bracket losers top 12 C
4th srf3po 7 4-2 (1 bye) 6-6
Bracket losers semi
9th berreyfootsies | 🦀 Winnipeg 1 1-2 (1 bye) 0-4
Bracket losers top 12 B
7th Povard 9 2-2 5-5
Bracket losers top 8 B
3rd Schneider-X Manitoba 8 5-2 (1 bye) 10-7
Bracket losers final
1st Place:
2nd Place:
3rd Place:

Full Results:

Marvin De Leon
Jodeci Correa