Koihime Enbu RRR side tourney at Frosty Faustings XI (2019)

Koihime Enbu tournament starting .

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Koihime Enbu
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CHECK-IN TIME: 3:30p.m. Saturday (01/19/2018)
START TIME: 4:00p.m. Saturday
I will set up and begin taking on-site registrants and entry fees, from 3:00pm or earlier

I will be running a Koihime Enbu side tournament at Frosty Faustings XI on Janurary 18+19, 2019 in Chicago. All standard rules apply:
* PS4 version (if you use a pad, you must turn it off after every match)
* both players can choose to resume from a pause, if they don't, pauser forfeits the ROUND ONLY
* Double Elim
* Winner is character locked except for in the event of a bracket reset
* assist change on win is OK
* 2/3 brackets
* top 3 will be 3/5
* $5 entry - I will collect it on-site.

I do not have a recording or streaming setup. I will provide at least one setup. Setups needed! PS4 only!


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Preferred Name Site Name Region In ? Pre-Regged At
Osugure Osugure
DaveO DaveO PNW
SeabusKyle SeabusKyle Ohio
Derrick Derrick Michigan

This tournament has 4 entrants so far.

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Osugure 0-0 0-0 not in bracket
DaveO PNW 0-0 0-0 not in bracket
SeabusKyle Ohio 0-0 0-0 not in bracket
Derrick Michigan 0-0 0-0 not in bracket

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This tournament's matches have not been created, yet.

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