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Name Brackets Game Iteration Status Placing Starts At
SCVI - MTB2019 Bracket SoulCalibur VI finished 3rd
UNIST - MTB2019 Bracket Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[st] finished 7th
DOA6 - MTB2019 Bracket Dead or Alive 6 finished 3rd
BBCF2.0 - MTB2019 Bracket BlazBlue: Central Fiction finished 3rd
SCVI - Winterfest 2019 Bracket SoulCalibur VI finished 2nd
SCVI - AC Bracket SoulCalibur VI finished 9th
T7 - Aikon 2018 Bracket Tekken 7 finished 17th
P4AU - Aikon 2018 Bracket Persona 4 Arena Ultimax finished 1st
SCV - Aikon 2018 Bracket Soulcalibur V finished 3rd
UNIST - Aikon 2018 Bracket Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[st] finished 1st