Ai-Kon 2018

104 competitors

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We are proud to bring Winnipeg’s own Fighting Game Community: Chip Damage back! These awesome players will be running their own mini side tournaments in the Games Lounge. So if Ai-kon’s tournaments aren’t enough then you ought to head over to Chip Damage’s area to sign up for their events! Below are the dates and times. For further information please check out their websites:

Friday – July 27, 2018

4:00 pm Under Night In-Birth Exe: LateSt 4:00 pm Soulcalibur V (PS3) 5:00 pm Persona 4 Arena Ultimax (PS3) 6:00 pm Blazblue Cross Tag Battle (PS4)

Saturday – July 28, 2018

1:00 pm Blazblue Central Fiction 2.0 (PS4) 1:00 pm Skullgirls 2nd Encore (PS4) 2:00 pm Marvel vs Capcom Infinite [PS4] 2:00 pm Tekken 7 (PS4) 3:00 pm Street Fighter V Arcade Edition (PS4) 4:00 pm Guilty Gear Xrd Rev2.1 (PS4) 4:00 pm Injustice 2 (PS4) 6:00 pm Dragon Ball FighterZ

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375 York Ave

375 York Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3C 3J3, Canada

RBC Convention Centre 375 York Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3C 3J3 Toll Free: 1-800-565-7776

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Winterfest 2018 and Ai-Kon 2018 will once again be returning to the RBC Convention Centre (RBC CC) on 375 York Avenue, just off of the Trans-Canada highway (Portage Avenue). Because of the RBC CC’s excellent facilities and amiable staff, we’re ecstatic to be back, and the RBC CC is more than happy to help us in making the convention run as smoothly as possible. Parking is available underneath the Centre and at nearby hotels and parking lots, and the facility is fully handicap accessible. In addition, the Delta Hotel is conveniently located across the street from the Centre, and is directly attached to the RBC CC by an overhead skywalk.

RBC Convention Centre official site RBC Convention Centre on Google Maps

Downtown Winnipeg

If you need to take a break from the convention, downtown Winnipeg has much to offer. Numerous restaurants are within walking distance to help satiate your appetite: from the food court at the nearby Portage Place, right up to classy establishments like Ichiban’s Japanese steakhouse and sushi bar, adjacent to the Delta Hotel building. The Forks and Exchange districts have a unique, historical feel all to their own, the latter of which hosts the summertime Winnipeg Fringe Festival, where you can view all sorts of alternative theatre unavailable anywhere else. In Winnipeg, there’s always something new for you to do!

Downtown Winnipeg BIZ Where Winnipeg Transportation

Public transportation in the City of Winnipeg is offered by Winnipeg Transit. Simply go to their site and use their Navigo Trip Planner to schedule your bus route. If you’re coming by car, the RBC Convention Centre can accommodate you with their underground parking facility. If you’re staying at one of the close by hotels, they also have parking options available to suit your needs.

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Soulcalibur V
0.0 entry
7 entrants and 5 pre-regs
Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[st]
0.0 entry
7 entrants and 3 pre-regs
Persona 4 Arena Ultimax
0.0 entry
5 entrants and 4 pre-regs
BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle
0.0 entry
32 entrants and 6 pre-regs
0.0 entry
9 entrants and 3 pre-regs
BlazBlue: Central Fiction
0.0 entry
8 entrants and 3 pre-regs
0.0 entry
24 entrants and 14 pre-regs
MVCI - Aikon 2018 (no brackets yet)
Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite
0.0 entry
1 entrant and 1 pre-reg
Street Fighter V
0.0 entry
18 entrants and 12 pre-regs
Injustice 2
0.0 entry
17 entrants and 4 pre-regs
Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2
0.0 entry
8 entrants and 6 pre-regs
Dragon Ball FighterZ
0.0 entry
38 entrants and 8 pre-regs

This event has 104 competitors. Tip: click on the number in the (tournaments entered) column to view the list of tournaments entered.

Name Region Games Registered At
adrien b 1 BBTAG
Andrew S Winnipeg 2 DBFZ; Injustice 2
Arcandost Manitoba 1 SFV
Arrzero 1 T7
Beetlehorn WPG 2 Rev2; SG
Big Fraud Big Fraud Winnipeg 1 DBFZ
Big Green Winnipeg 1 DBFZ
Bizzzy 1 UNIST
Bmeister MB 4 BBCF; BBTAG; DBFZ; Rev2
Bolmy Flipper Winnipeg 2 DBFZ; Injustice 2
Brody Lane Winnipeg 1 DBFZ
Bumbasnuff Da Bloc 2 DBFZ; SFV
Caos-nova 2 BBTAG; SCV
celonap Winnipeg 2 SFV; T7
ChelseaMillen Winnipeg 2 Injustice 2; SCV
Christian H Winnipeg 1 T7
Chryazor Winnipeg 1 UNIST
Colin 2 DBFZ; T7
corson cs 1 BBTAG
Dalton Neiszner 2 DBFZ; Injustice 2
Dane Winnipeg 1 SG
David Ly Winnipeg 1 BBTAG
Destroyer_Ry Winnipeg 3 DBFZ; SFV; T7
Dilan Biasutto Winnipeg 1 DBFZ
drayven s 1 BBTAG
Duke Dankin Winnipeg 1 BBTAG
Dysleksikk Winnipeg 1 DBFZ
Eazy Winnipeg 2 DBFZ; Injustice 2
Echolotic Winnipeg 3 Injustice 2; P4AU; T7
Ender Winnipeg 1 DBFZ
Forrest Sorum Fargo 1 Injustice 2
Greffery Winnipeg 1 BBTAG
Gundamu 1 DBFZ
Hieu Ly Winnipeg 1 BBTAG
Hui Shen Winnipeg 1 T7
Hunter D 1 Injustice 2
Hyoto Winnipeg 4 P4AU; SCV; T7; UNIST
iiMitski Wakandia 1 SG
Imissed Winnipeg 1 SFV
Innocent Gun 3 BBCF; BBTAG; Rev2
jada layden-Wilson 1 BBCF
Jade Bruyere 2 BBCF; BBTAG
Jamie Walters Winnipeg 1 SG
Jeremy Santos 2 BBTAG; T7
jillsangich Winnipeg 2 DBFZ; T7
Jintei 1 T7
john harrison 1 DBFZ
JohnnyWorms 3 DBFZ; Injustice 2; SFV
John R. Winnipeg 0
Jonathan OBryan Winnipeg 1 DBFZ
Jordin Winnipeg 1 Injustice 2
Jstyle MB 2 DBFZ; T7
Kaminski Winnipeg 1 SFV
KangDo Manitoba 5 BBTAG; DBFZ; Injustice 2; SCV; T7
Keato 2 SCV; SFV
Kelsey S. 1 SG
Kevin MacKay Winnipeg 1 DBFZ
KGmegamo Winnipeg 2 BBTAG; UNIST
Kiefer Winnipeg 1 DBFZ
Knight Swolaire Winnipeg 2 SFV; T7
Krooze Winnipeg 7 BBCF; BBTAG; P4AU; Rev2; SFV; SG; UNIST
Kyle w 1 BBTAG
Lakota 1 BBTAG
Liam G 1 BBTAG
Lime Baller Town USA 4 DBFZ; MvCI; P4AU; Rev2
Loser Winnipeg 1 BBTAG
Maango 3 BBTAG; SFV; T7
Mayori Winnipeg 1 BBTAG
MetaLink Winnipeg 1 T7
Mitchell Krushelniski Winnipeg 1 BBTAG
Mitchell W 1 DBFZ
morb Transcona 3 Rev2; SFV; T7
mya w 1 BBTAG
Nathan K. 1 BBTAG
Nelson C Winnipeg 1 Rev2
Neotrix204 Maples 1 T7
Nolan Schultz Winnipeg 2 BBTAG; DBFZ
Povard Winnipeg 2 BBCF; T7
Raikid Winnipeg 4 BBTAG; DBFZ; P4AU; UNIST
Re4per204 Winnipeg 1 DBFZ
Reshawn Facey Winnipeg 2 BBTAG; SG
Riley R. Winnipeg 1 DBFZ
Schneider-X Manitoba 4 BBCF; SCV; SFV; T7
Sean F. Winnipeg 1 Injustice 2
Sean Still 1 Injustice 2
senshiray Winnipeg 1 SFV
Seth Mymry Winnipeg 2 BBTAG; DBFZ
Shadows 2 BBTAG; SCV
Shawn Skead Winnipeg 1 DBFZ
Sheehan Winnipeg 1 T7
Simon(Shiftix) Winnipeg 3 DBFZ; Rev2; T7
Slater Caurchene Winnipeg 6 BBCF; BBTAG; DBFZ; Rev2; SFV; UNIST
Snakebite Jake Winnipeg 1 DBFZ
Sunny Winnipeg 1 DBFZ
Tay DS 1 SFV
Taylor Tabak 1 SG
Thatslurpeeguy Winnipeg 1 BBTAG
Thomas Schiller Winnipeg 1 BBTAG
Truublu Winnipeg 1 SFV
Tyler O'Brien Winnipeg 1 DBFZ
Ward3n 2 SCV; T7
Wilson Coyne Winnipeg 2 DBFZ; Injustice 2
Zoey V 1 SG