Marquee Matchup 11/18

Venue opens for casuals at 11AM and closes at 11PM. Tournaments start with blazblue and uni at 4:00, and gear at 6:30

16 competitors

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Marquee Matchup is back at it again with Guilty Gear Xrd rev 2, Under Night in-Birth exe:late[ST], and Blazblue Central FIction. For questions about the venue or tournament contact Crimefighter on twitter @A_Crimefighter, through the chicago AFGC discord (, or by e-mailing

1610 Maple Ave

1610 Maple Ave, Evanston, IL 60201, USA

Evanston games is right across the street from the davis purple line and metra stops. There is street parking nearby free on sundays and parking garages nearby as well. For more info on the venue you can check their website at


BlazBlue: Central Fiction
5.0 entry
8 entrants and 5 pre-regs
Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[st]
5.0 entry
12 entrants and 8 pre-regs
Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2
5.0 entry
12 entrants and 8 pre-regs

This event has 16 competitors. Tip: click on the number in the (tournaments entered) column to view the list of tournaments entered.

Name Region Games Registered At
CommandThrow IL 3 BBCF; Rev2; UNIST
Ike_Shamusu Midwest 2 BBCF; Rev2
Jeyu Michigan 1 UNIST
Kizzercrate Il 3 BBCF; Rev2; UNIST
MARLL Chicago, IL/Ames, IA 2 BBCF; UNIST
Miller2B Glove World, Michigan 1 UNIST
Pearlyfey Il 1 UNIST
Shinsin 3 BBCF; Rev2; UNIST
Shykin Midwest 2 Rev2; UNIST
SmallFry 1 BBCF
thearm05 3 BBCF; Rev2; UNIST
VeganPower IL 2 Rev2; UNIST
WhyHaveIDoneThis 1 Rev2
wired Midwest 1 UNIST
Yung trap lord Chiraq 2 Rev2; UNIST